Behind Calming Collective

"Surround yourself with the things you love. We all deserve greatness and you, my darling, are worth it..."

Jen ~ Calming Collective

What we’re all about.

Sure we sell custom prints. But beyond that, we are looking to create inviting environments in your home. A mini oasis if you will. A place where you can feel calm and therefore productive, powerful, creative, resilient. A calming collective of images to inspire relaxation and serenity in your home.

Jen is a strong believer in surrounding yourself with good energy and this comes through in all aspects of her business and photographic style. Surrounding herself with beautiful imagery is just one of the ways she creates peaceful energy in her own home. This was the birth of her limited-edition art prints. Determined to share this calm, her prints serve as a way to connect with others and to reenergise them in their own homes.

Calming Collective is just as the name alludes. A collection of beautiful, calming imagery carefully chosen by me to share with you. I hope you find something that connects with you and your personality. This has been a dream to share my passion with you and to see it unfold, I am so forever grateful.

Meet Jen, the artist behind the lens. 

I’m a lifestyle, family photographer, a wife, mother of two boys, and inspired by all things natural. 

Being a passionate photographer from a young age and now a driven business woman and mother, I’m determined to inspire others through lifestyle and branding photography, as well as my limited edition prints. 

After establishing myself as a lifestyle photographer I found myself gravitating towards nature and capturing the beauty and rawness of life. That’s how Calming Collective was born. From the country, coast and all in-between, I am so excited to be bringing nature into your home or office space. 

Thank you for your kindness and support. This journey has been amazing so far and I am so looking forward to what the future has to offer.

With love (and gratitude),